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Delivering services in the field of IT operations and software engineering.
My goal is to boost your business by enabling your IT!

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Who am I

Passionate automation professional with an emphasis on cloud computing and DevOps. My primary goal is to enable your business and your developer teams to deliver value.
I am familiar with a broad range of IT topics which allows me to understand and solve problems.
Modern IT is highly complex and consists of many layers of abstraction. My claim is to create simple over complex solutions. No fanciness but easy to understand, use, and maintain. For me less complexity results in less bugs and more reliability.
I am happy to learn new things and also share them with others because I believe learning and sharing is the key to success in modern IT.

How can I support you?

My services include

Software Engineering

Enable your Engineers to deliver


Work with your Devs and Ops

Cloud Environments

Think Cloud Native in AWS

Linux Administration

Linux and the shell is my second home


Automate your boring stuff

IT Security

Keep security aspects in mind


Enhance productivity and tooling


Support you in writing technical articles

Working with


Working with
Cross functional product teams | infrastructure and platform teams | Kanban | Confluence | Jira
Networks | advanced Linux knowledge | system architecture | Microservice architecture | cloud native architecture
Terraform | Amazon Web Services | Ansible | Vagrant | Packer
Kustomize | Flux | ArgoCD | Kubecost | EKS | KinD | Helm | Kubeval
Java (Spring Boot and Quarkus) | JavaScript(Reactjs, Nextjs, Nodejs) | Python | Elasticsearch
Gitlab CI/CD | Github Actions | Jenkins | Docker(-swarm)
Prometheus | Grafana | Apache2 | Nginx | MariaDB | Postgresql | TomEE | JBoss
Python | Bash | Go | K6 Load Testing | Selenium | Vim | Intellij
Security awareness | Nmap | Burp Suite | Gobuster | Sqlmap | Metasploit
Git | NextCloud | MS Office | LATEX
German (first language) | English


Some projects I have been working on

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