„Knowledge is power“

Delivering services in the field of IT operations and software engineering.
My goal is to boost your business by enabling your IT!

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Who am I

IT is not only my profession but my passion
I am a team player
I love to develop solutions
I have a broad understanding of IT
I don’t hesitate to learn and improve
Experienced remote worker

How can I support you?

My services include

Software Engineering

Enable your Engineers to deliver


Work with your Devs and Ops

Cloud Environments

Think Cloud Native in AWS

Linux Administration

Linux and the shell is my second home


Automate your boring stuff

IT Security

Keep security aspects in mind


Enhance productivity and tooling


Support you in writing technical articles

Working with


Kubernetes | Kustomize | Flux | ArgoCD

AWS | VMware vSphere | VirtualBox

Terraform | Vagrant | Ansible

Jenkins | Docker(-swarm) | Prometheus | Grafana

Debian | Ubuntu | CentOS | SUSE | Arch | Windows

Python | Bash | Java | Ruby | Go

Confluence | Jira | Rally | Sharepoint

Git | Github | Gitlab | Bitbucket | SVN

HTML | XML | Markdown | AsciiDoc

Nmap | Burp | Fiddler

Apache2 | Nginx | HAProxy | Nexus

Some projects I have been working on

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